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Trixie 08-05-2020 03:34 PM

There's No Place Like Home
My store manager asked if I'd fill in at another store for a few days. She doesn't ask much and I thought a change of scenery would be nice. Yeah, be careful what you wish for.

I'm not saying this is a bad store, it's just not mine. It's set up different for one. Also lots of stuff is locked up. Every shopping cart and basket has an alarm on it. The manager said if not it gets stolen.

The whole vibe of this store is different than mine. At my store we're pretty laid back, not in a way that customers walk over us. We say no plenty but it's in a nice way. If that makes sense. This store is staffed by grumpy people, from the store manager down. They're nice, but they're grumpy.

The first woman I worked with was like "Do this. Then this. And that." I just chalked it up to her personality and not knowing me. I'm there a long time I know how stuff works. I really just tried not to step on anybody's toes.

On top of all this, the store was BUSY. On Monday my store was BUSY, too. Didn't seem like it was all Back to School stuff, either. It was busy enough that the staff there kept mentioning it so I know it wasn't just me. I left there yesterday like this :eek: I'm heading back for day 2 today, Noon to 8 and then tomorrow I'm back at my store to open at 7 am. Oh yeah and for total funnsies I'm on a 7 day stretch. At the end of this rainbow is an actual Saturday and Sunday off. Yeah, I'm going to need a solid 48 hours off to recuperate. But I'll be glad to be back at my store.

SimonF12009 08-06-2020 08:21 PM

A few years ago I spent some time at another store while they were having a refit. I spent my first day on the department I work in making the store legal (12mths previously we had changed the company who provided the finance for electrical items, they still had the old stuff up). Demanded to speak to the Senior Mgr over that department, his excuse was that the girls who changed the tags should have changed it, How the F are they supposed to know it changed if no-one tells them?

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