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I am definitely interested. Got a character idea fleshed out and outlined below

Name: Emmett "E.J." Jager (roughly hebrew in origin for Truth Hunter)
Heritage: Ma'at - Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, balance and order
Occupation: Private Investigator
Divine Abilities:

Focus -- Silver Ankh Necklace
  • Eyes that see the soul: Emmett is capable of seeing the truth of someone's being simply by gazing at them. This allows him to perceive someone's true nature. This ability can pierce persons disguised by illusions so long as he has gazed the person before as he never forgets what a soul looks like. (this is in part based on the soul-gaze described by Jim Butcher in the Dresden Files)
  • Truth be told: Emmett is capable of discerning statements that the speaker believes to be the truth or believes to be a lie. This can not detect lies of omission, but if the speaker does or does not believe what he said is the truth Emmett will know. It should also be noted that this is based on the speakers perceived truth, ie: if the speaker lied but did not know it than neither will Emmett unless he has evidence otherwise.
  • Order from Chaos: Where others see a jumbled mess Emmett can usually make connections. This puts his investigative ability on par with Sherlock Holmes. (this is based on Walter from the Finder)

Divine Attributes:
  • Ordered Mind: To use a cliche phrase, Emmett has a mind like a steel trap. His memory isn't perfect, but he has a head for details that leaves the average person awestruck.
  • Elementary my dear Watson: Like the famous investigator, Emmett has an eye for detail that is well above the normal mortal scope.

Average in appearance in most aspects, height, weight, and so on. Most that see him say his eyes look intelligent. Has dark raven black hair and hazel colored eyes and a sandy complexion. Most people that describe him tend to use the words eccentric and wise.

In personality, if you're familiar with it think of a cross between Harry Dresden and his friend Michael. He is a dogged pursuer of the truth and will never fail to complete any job he takes on or will die trying.

He always tries to do right and good by his own moral standards, but has a tendency to be flippant and downright snarky when things get rough. His eye for truth and disgust for lies has made him somewhat jaded though.

As a child Emmett infuriated teachers and peers alike with his unabashed speaking of the truth and ability to see things even they didn't want to admit were part of their
personalities. Constant scrapes with teachers and fights with children his own age eventually taught him that there is a time and a place for speaking your mind.

After he graduated high school he was visited in a dream by his mother who told him the truth of his heritage. Because of his divine being he knew what she had said to be the
truth so had little trouble accepting it, and it really came as no surprise to him.

With his strong sense of justice he attempted to become a police officer, but found he could not stomach the daily corruption, lies and politicking that came with the job. As such
he went with his heart and earned his private detectives license and never looked back since.

Like the famous detective of literature Sherlock Holmes, he has a reputation for being able to solve any mystery. This makes him both popular and infamous with the
police as both a consultant and a force that is known for meddling where it isn't wanted.

Flaws: Emmett is incapable of telling a baldfaced lie. He can lie by omission or by creative manipulation of the truth, but his divine being prevents him from speaking anything he knows to be false.
Goal: Emmett is dedicated to the cause of Order and Justice and actively seeks to counterbalance the influence of the Titans as much as possible.

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