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Name: Deann Hunt
Heritage: Artemis/Diana, Greek/Roman Pantheon (cuz, honestly, if we try to sort the differences we'll be here all semester), goddess of the hunt, chastity, moon, childbirth, animals
Occupation: Zookeeper
Divine Abilities:

Focus -- Wooden Bow
  • Shoot The Moon: Deann can shoot anything she targets. The shot won't hit vitals unless she really forces it, and sharp turns by a target throws it off.
  • Form of the Goddess: Deann can transform herself, or one other person, into an animal for a length of time. Deer and bears last longer than the others. She cannot use any other abilities while using this, even if on someone else.
  • Shot of Health: Deann can heal or cause minor damage/illnesses with her arrows. The damage from the arrows is not healed through this ability.

Divine Attributes:
  • Run Like the Deer: If she tried, Deann could break Olympic records in the sprint.
  • Huntress' Grace: Like her mother, Deann moves silently and gracefully, almost as if she's on the prowl.

Deann's rather small in stature (barely clearing 5') but has a definitive athletic build to her. Her light brown hair always has a windswept look to it, as if she's always moving swiftly. Her eyes are green and she sports a year round tan that's owed to being outside year round.

She's a very confident young woman, always aiming to get what she wants. She enjoys being around other people, often seeming to be right in the middle of things, yet, if asked, she'll tell you she prefers the company of her pets more.

As a child, Deann grew up in a rural area with a large woods on the property where she spent all her time. It was there she first met her mother, although she didn't know it at the time. Her mother taught her rudimentary hunting skills (like using a bow, tracking animals) which her father, with much surprise, encouraged.

It wasn't until her first heartbreak in high school that she found out the truth. She and her father had to move due to the...fallout, and her father made her swear not to go seeking out her mother again, at least not until Deann was out of his house. Deann agreed, but settled on improving her archery skills and working with animals to better her chances of maybe seeing her mom again someday.

She now happily works at the local zoo and volunteers at the local 4-H club giving archery lessons.

Flaws: Pride. It's difficult for her to back down from an insult or challenge. Fortunately, she did not pick up her mother's vindictive streak.
Goal: Honestly, Deann hasn't thought much about using her heritage beyond meeting her mom again.
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