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Name: Lupo Virtus (AKA - Mike 'The Wolf' Hammer (stage name))
Heritage: Mars, Roman Pantheon, War
Occupation: MMA Ring Fighter
Divine Abilities:

Focus -- Simple gold chain worn around the neck.

Combat Mimicry - Any fighting move/style he sees even once, he can copy perfectly. No matter how good his enemy he only has to fight them once to be as good as they are.
Inner Focus - Not only allows him to fight in any possible condition (total darkness, blinding snow, etc), but he can block out all distractions.
Uncanny Dodge - He can avoid most hits, flying objects, etc..if it is possible for them to be dodged. Something like a bullet would be far to fast for him to dodge for example.

Divine Attributes:

Balanced - While he is not the strongest, fastest, most agile..he has a perfect balance of all three. He would not win the title of 'the worlds strongest man', but his strength is far above the average person for example.
Presence - He has a presence that commands respect. He is not very charismatic, so people do not necessarily LIKE him, but he is hard to ignore. Of course..this can be a BAD thing too.

Half African American, Half Latino. Dark hair 'buzz cut'. ((If you've seen 'power man' on the new Ultimate Spider Man..something like that)).

Lupo has known since birth about his divine heritage. Though he lost both of his parents at 18, by then he had already made a name in the boxing ring. After a couple years of going undefeated..he started to look for bigger challenges. Out of the ring, he is as gentle as a kitten, but once in a fight..he can be totally and utterly ruthless. He has to win..sometimes at all costs. He gets 'visits' from his father from time to time, in his dreams, and it drives him to be the BEST in the world.

Flaws: Every one of his abilities and attributes have their own inherent flaws. He has to be able to see a move in order to be able to do even though he can fight blind..if he is blind he can not learn his enemies moves. Also, he can become so focused on an enemy that other dangers (other enemies, flying obstacles, etc) fade to the background and can completely surprise him. Also..if the combat maneuver is ranged..though he can learn does him no good..he is a melee fighter through and through. While he can dodge things (if his inner focus has not blinded him to them) he can only do so if it is humanly possible to do so. No matrix like dodging bullets or such. Though he is stronger, faster, more agile then the average person .. it is not to demigod status. The son of Hercules, for example would be much stronger. The son of Hermes much faster..and so on. As for Presence..stealth is NOT his thing.

Goal: As stated ... he is driven to become the best fighter in the world.
Engaged to the amazing Marmalady. She is my Silver Dragon, shining as bright as the sun. I her Black Dragon (though good honestly), dark as night..fierce and strong.

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