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Finally able to post. Let me know if I need to change anything.

Name: birthname: Edana Conner
stage name: Edana Inferno
Heritage: Belisama, from the Celtic pantheon, the goddess of lakes and rivers, fire, and crafts and light.
Occupation: the fire eater at a circus
Divine Abilities:
[*] Focus -- an elaborate necklace with a ruby in the center[*] Pyrokinesis - She can create, manipulate, and control fire.[*] Kinetic Absorption -- She can fire to heal[*] Matter Ingestion -- She can consume fire with no ill effect (handy for her fire eating gig)

Divine Attributes:
Fish in Water: She's a natural swimmer in any type of water.
Life of the Party: She had a very fiery personality and people are draw to her.

Edana is 26, 5'6, skinny as a rail, fiery red hair with green eyes. She wears her hair short and spiked. Has multiple facial and ear piercings and tons of tattoos. Uses a handmade longbow when she needs a weapon other then fire.

Edana was 15 and living with her paternal grandparents when she first meets her mother. She always knew she was 'different' and she always suspected her grandparents knew why (they did. their son, her father left her with them and told them why). Her mother showed up outta the blue one day at her grandparents' home. They recognized Belisama for who she was knowing who Edana's mother was.
Belisama sat Edana down and pretty much told her "I'm the goddess of lakes and rivers, fire, crafts and light. You are my daughter. One day you will be called to help fight the hidden war. Prepare yourself." And then she left.
Edana realized really early on she had an affinity for fire.
One incident cemented it: she and some friends were playing too close to a bonfire when someone accidentally pushed her into the fire. Instead of getting burned the fire just kinda carressed her skin like it knew her and wanted her safe. She managed to deflect attention away from her not getting burned.

Flaws: strong willed, short tempered, easy to anger, a total klutz (except in water)
Goal: protect and help her allies (namely her mother)
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