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Here is that second character idea i mentioned. Feel free to use or modify this as you see fit into a PC or NPC.

Name: Saitou Haruko (Haruko roughly means Sun Child, Saitou is the Japanese equivalent of Smith, ie it is a very common family name)
Heritage: Daughter of Amaterasu Omikami -- Shinto Goddess of the Sun and 1 of the 3 aspects that govern the Universe
Occupation: Mangaka (comic artist)

Divine Abilities:

Focus -- A calligraphy brush
  • A Brush to paint the Universe: Haruko can draw anything. Even if all that remains is a speck of dust she can see what it once was and render its likeness. This will not recreate any words that a book may have contained, but it can show what a building or person looked like. She also never forgets a face or a likeness of anything she has seen and can render it with photo perfect accuracy.
  • A Light to Banish the Dark: Haruko is able to create one extremely intense flash of light that fades almost immediately (good for blinding folks) or she can cause herself to glow with the intensity of a 60 watt bulb for a few hours.
  • The Giver of Life: Nature recognizes the child of the one that gives it life. As such in times of dire need Haruko can turn to nature for aid. Plants will shelter her, animals will bring her food or lead her to water if need be. If she becomes lost nature will guide her. However, as Amaterasu reveres all life the Animals will not fight for her nor will they risk death for her.
  • The Deepest Shadow: Haruko can render herself completely invisible, however this power only functions at night.

Divine Attributes:
  • The Brightest Light: Haruko is damn good looking. Some might even describe her as a hotty. (pun intended)

I'll leave this for whoever decides to play her.

Back story:
Ditto from description.

Flaws: Like her mother, Haruko holds all life as sacred. As such she is not able to kill, not even the purest evil. This is not simply a moral choice, but a supernatural effect. Should she try to kill someone any potentially fatal wound will always alter its trajectory to make it non-lethal. This can however be useful if all she wants to do is capture someone as she knows she will never risk killing them. (feel free to add more)
Goal: Ditto from description.

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