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Well, let me know if this is an acceptable sort of character or not...

Name: Jack Childs

Heritage: Tlaloc (Aztec god of fertility, rain, water, and lightning)

Occupation: Butcher

Divine Abilities:
Focus -- A knife with a turquoise handle

Storm Call: Wherever there is water, Jack can call up a storm in direct proportion to how much there is (Calling the water for the storm from Tlalocan- The realm of the afterlife ruled by Tlaloc- where it will return once he sheathes the knife), controlling thunder, lightning, and hail if it is big enough (the minimum body of water for lightning is 660,000 gallons- an Olympic swimming pool- and the minimum for hail is 5 times that). The water must be within his line of sight, and cannot have been used for this ability within the past 36 hours. If he gets out of sight of the water source, he will lose control of the storm, which will generally just break up and dissappear, unless it is large enough to be self-sustaining. This ability can be used indoors, and ends when the amount of water drawn from Tlalocan is equal to the body of water that he is focusing on. This ability is very draining, and after an hour has passed after its use has finished, he will be severely weakened and tired for 6 hours, nearly useless.

Forced Growth: Given proper soil and water, Jack can force any plant to grow, either from seed to full maturity, increasing in size, or producing flowers, fruit, and seeds. This will typically exhaust the soil where the plant's roots reach.

Lightning Touch: Jack can produce electricity from his hands, at about the same intensity as a defibrillator. He cannot keep this up for more than 4 seconds in any given minute, and not for more than a total of 90 seconds in any given hour. Attempting to do so will result in both failure and extreme pain.

Divine Attributes:
Have a Heart: Jack can recharge from most exhaustion, hunger, and illness (but not injury) if he eats a raw heart from a mammal or bird. This can also work to reduce the weakness from Storm Call down to 1 hour, rather than 6.

Who's there?: Jack can sense the heartbeats of all natural creatures (And unnatural creatures associated with jungles) within 30 meters.


Jack is fairly stout- broad shouldered and about 5'6", with a permanent tan, bright blue eyes, and dark, dark hair- a strange mix of Nordic and Mexican stock... except on the nights with thunderstorms. On a stormy night, Jack will grow fangs, and his eyes will turn bright red and large. He tends to dress quite simply, though he'll almost never be without two things- his knife, and an insulated pouch at his belt where he keeps chicken hearts on ice.

Personality-wise, he's quite kind, but that kindness can transform to rage at the sight of things that he believes to be wrong- especially when it's crimes against children. And he has absolutely no trouble with killing those who need killing, or even with torture for those who commit crimes against children.


Jack has never met his father- which isn't all that surprising, considering that Tlaloc has an afterlife to run. He only learned of his divine status after having eaten the heart of the Thanksgiving Turkey- Raw- on a dare, which resulted in a strange illness that was not unlike food poisoning. It was not, though- it was his divine nature coming out. During his time bedridden, he saw many visions of many different things, and came out of it with knowledge of who, of what he was, where he had come from, and how he could keep his powers. When he awoke, his knife was laying across his chest, in its sheath.

Of course, once he got better the following Saturday, he wasn't sure whether or not it was real, until a thunderstorm in the night led to him growing fangs and bright red eyes. He doesn't remember much of the next few years, during which he apparently honed his powers, because his next really clear memory was waking up in a hospital bed at age 25, having been struck by an out-of-control car while shoving a gradeschooler to safety.

Flaws: Although Tlaloc demands child sacrifice, Jack is incapable of any action or inaction that will allow a child to come to harm to the best of his knowledge.

Jack must eat a raw heart (Any species) every week, or he loses all divine capability.

Jack has a bit of trouble functioning in places that have minimal plant life, like deserts and some large cities- he gets somewhat anxious, and less perceptive.

Goal: Jack doesn't have any real goals; he has a good job, with ownership of his own moderately successful shop- a gift from the previous owner, whose child he had saved. With competent subordinates, he can take trips if he needs to, lasting up to several months if he makes arrangements beforehand.