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Name: Luke Cooley
Heritage: Son of Lugh, Celtic god of Light; and according to family lore, direct descendant of Cúchulainn.
Occupation: Frequently-unemployed drifter who never holds any job for long.

Divine Abilities:
  • Focus - Ancient Irish coin worn as a pendant.
  • Proud Family Tradition - The Cooley family has frequently been influenced by Lugh through the generations, and it has left a mark on everyone in the family line, though the ability only shows up fully in those who are the more direct results of his interest. Any fighting skill or combat experience is passed down as a form of ancestral memory. This means Luke is a world-class fighter when it comes to ancient weapons and hand-to-hand combat, but as weapons become more modern he's less familiar and thus less skilled with them.
  • Berserk - When pushed hard enough, Luke can slip into a berserk state where his strength, speed, reflexes, and stamina all go through the roof. However, like Cúchulainn, he can very easily lose control of himself while in this state. Due to the damage he can cause and the risk he poses to people around him, he tries to resist hitting this point at all. But if he completely holds himself back, he'll inevitably snap and go all-out.

Divine Attributes:
  • Hold the Line - Perhaps in memory of Cúchulainn's last stand, Luke can push his limits to a ridiculous degree, such as going days without sleep or continuing to fight until he can no longer stand. He still suffers for it afterwards, though.
  • Well-Rounded - Luke's strength, speed, and toughness are all above-average, though not anything superhuman. Still, he's near the best anyone could be.
  • You Really Wanna Do This? - Luke's a bit unhinged in a fight, and his opponents can usually sense it. It's sometimes enough to get less experienced fighters to back down, but against anyone who's a seasoned combatant it might just throw them off their game a bit.

Description: 24 years old, red hair, and a bit more tanned than you'd expect from an Irish kid. That's courtesy of he various jobs he's had doing outdoor manual labor, and time spent walking from place to place, as he's never been able to afford a car. Only faint traces of an Irish accent can be heard in his voice - his speech more identifies him as being from the Alleghenies. He's clever, but mostly uneducated, and reads more than one would expect of someone with his attitudes.

Backstory: Unlike many other children of the gods, Luke knew his father's identity from a young age. The Cooleys have been touched by Lugh many times through the generations, and the family now sees themselves as proud keepers of old traditions. Most of them, anyway. But we'll get to that. Luke's family has a long, proud tradition of being freedom fighters, revolutionaries, rebels, anarchists, and general shit-disturbers. Okay, so it's not always considered a proud tradition by the average person, but the family themselves tend to think highly of it. Luke's great-grandfather, being of rather more sound mind than most of his relations, came to America at the beginning of the 20th century, hoping to start a new life away from all this madness about faeries and gods and warrior's codes, and settled in southern West Virginia.

His son was born just in time to get wrapped up in the Coal Wars, and it was then learned that old habits die hard. Soon enough, there were world wars, cultural shifts, and civil rights struggles to get themselves wrapped up in, and with the new generations getting back in touch with the rest of the clan back in the old country, all was right in the world again. So long as you consider all that stuff about rebels and anarchy "right in the world". As far as personal history goes, Luke dropped out of high school because he was "tired of their crap", has never held a job for more than three months (those generally concluding with him shouting at a customer or supervisor), has spent his share of time in jail for misdemeanors (his specialty being "Disturbing the Peace"), and has recently been arrested a total of eight times in three different cities while participating in the "Occupy" movement.

Flaws: Proud, foul-mouthed, and short-tempered, Luke is a walking example of just about every negative Irish stereotype you've ever heard. He frequently lets his temper get the better of him, doesn't know when to back down, and doesn't compromise on his ideals even when it would be better for him to just shut up for a bit. This is on top of the drawbacks inherent to his abilities.

Goals: Personally, a life where he's free to do as he wishes. Further, family tradition holds that it's their duty to carry on the role of defending freedom, particularly that of the Irish people, as the Tuatha De Danann did.
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