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Name: Hassan Al-Ashraf
Heritage: Anubis - God of Death, Justice
Occupation: Antiques dealer

Divine Abilities:

Focus -- An ancient coin with a jackal imprinted on it.
  • A Glimpse of Beyond - The world of the living and the world of the dead rest very close to each other, just barely out of the perception of most. Depending on how fully the curtain is drawn back, the effects can range from terror to madness.
  • Lord of Shadows - Can speak with and command the dead. Very devout followers of another pantheon will not respond to him, and there are, of course, many horrid abominations out there that have no interest in listening and are strong enough to resist him.

Divine Attributes:
  • What Is Dead May Never Die - Isn't really "mortal" in the strictest sense of the word. Can suffer like anyone else, but to the best of his knowledge, death is more of a sidelining than a permanent end.

About what you'd expect from someone who lives surrounded by waking images of death and other, even worse things. Hassan is a driven and morose man - while he has a strong sense of right and wrong, it's colored by his knowledge of what lies beyond and the temporary nature of the world around him.

About 5'10" - Heavy eyebrows, shoulder length brown hair and green eyes, usually dresses in a brown jacket and a white shirt/dark vest... his fashion sense is still stuck in the 20's, and even though he's mostly adjusted to modern technology, he still can't resist carrying a pocket watch around.

Lord Carnavon was the first to die, but he wasn't the last.

Hassan had been there with the adventurer in the Valley of the Kings - opening the tomb that promised to deliver death on swift wings to those who disturbed it. First the lord had died... then the foolhardy railroad heir... but when death finally chose to visit him, its wings were all but swift. First, the days of pain and dread. Then the vomit - caked with maggots that felt as if they were chewing his flesh from the inside out. Soon he couldn't eat, or drink, or sleep... and when sleep did finally visit him, he woke up naked and underground, his body completely renewed.

He was raised the next day in the dead of night by a fellow excavator, who had been keeping an eye on him and revealed to him the story of his heritage and the cosmic struggle he'd been thrown in the midst of.

The years passed, trusted advisors and friends died or faded away, and he remained in the condition that he was on that muddy night in Cairo. While his true father had never spoken to him, it seemed that this son of death hadn't yet served his purpose. He eventually set up shop in New Orleans scowling for antiquities in between tasks for his divine father. The city suited him well and brimmed with history and supernatural energy.

While seeking out a knife that was rumored to be an heirloom of the Pharoahs, Hassan found himself in a fight with the Sons of the Exiled, a doomsday cult that worshiped an ancient abomination. As he attempted to destroy the monstrous thing, his powers turned inward on him, trapping him in a horror beyond life and death.

He experienced death personally - slowly suffering every horror imagined by gods and man, until eventually, he woke up again, naked in his own room in the back of the store.

That was only a year ago. He's spent the time since trying to piece together what happened - and figure out why no one tried to help him, all while keeping a grip on his dwindling sanity. And yet despite his inner turmoil, his "higher duties" still call him, as merciless and constant as ever...

Flaws: His powers have only betrayed him once, but that one time gave him the kind of PTSD that would make a Vietnam vet feel sorry for him. Minor events trigger flashbacks and disturbing memories, sometimes with tangible consequences. He was already teetering on the edge of madness, and this encounter hasn't helped him any. He gives off vibes that make him nearly impossible to hide to the supernaturally aware.

He also makes children and animals EXTREMELY nervous.

None of his abilities work on blessed/sacred grounds.

Goals: Find out what nullified his power that night, destroy the entity that tortured him, have a long sit-down with his father, stop the Titans. What are goals but distractions? A man without either is lost.