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While you wait on my next GM Post in the IC thread, here's some intel on two more members of the "Quisling" group that's working with the Titans.
Name: Dr. Agatha Riggs, Ph.D
Heritage: Daughter of Heimdall, Norse god-guardian of the Bifrost.
Occupation: Scientist
Divine Abilities:
  • Focus -- A blade said to have been forged from a piece of Heimdall’s sword itself, it is about the size of a small knife, like a letter opener. Agatha has fashioned a wrist-mounted spring-loaded device that is usually hidden by her sleeve. (A la an Assassin’s “hidden blade”)
  • Like the Rainbow Bridge (Dimensional Gateways) - Agatha has the ability to open a gateway (which manifests like a hole in space ringed by rainbow light) between any location in the Nine Worlds that she has visited previously. To create this hole, Agatha must draw her blade and ‘cut’ a hole in the air to create it. Agatha has multiple locations in Midgard (Earth) already ‘mapped’, and is known to have locations in Jotunheim, Svartalfheim and Vanaheim as well. It is suspected she has mapped to the ‘starting’ ends of the Gjoll Bridge in Helheim and the Bifrost in Asgard. No information is available about any locations she has available in Niflheim or Musphelheim.
  • // Further details on her Divine Abilities [REDACTED] due to spoilers
Divine Attributes:
  • Twelfth Level Intellect (Intelligence) - Agatha Riggs is one of the smartest people on the planet and has Ph.Ds in at least three fields related to genetics and biochemistry and cybernetics. She is also capable of making great intuitive leaps and recognizing patterns.
  • I Saw That (Perception) - Agatha has perceptive abilities that are twice to three times greater than that of any mundane human. She can spot inconsistencies and minute variances in things.
A tall, slim woman with pale blond hair and glasses, Agatha Riggs looks the typical scientist. Any attractiveness in her, however, is quite cold and distant. She is not a people person. She is consumed by her science and will do anything to assure that her calculations are correct and that her experiments will continue and succeed.

Agatha Riggs was always a very intelligent woman, and astonished her teachers and professors from an early age, graduating from high school at fourteen and attending college quite young. By the age of twenty, she was working on two separate dissertations. At twenty-three, after receiving her third Ph.D. in genetics, she abruptly dropped out of sight as multiple scientific research companies offered her jobs. No one knows what happened to her.

She appears to be working in concert with the Titans, but her reasons for doing so are not yet known.

Flaws: Agatha is wholly consumed by her scientific experiments, and has very little in the way of combat experience. If faced with battle, she’s more apt to escape using her “rainbow gateway” to a safe location. Also, she is extremely protective of her experiments, and takes damage or harm to them very badly.
Goal: Unknown.
Name: Morgan MacBride
Heritage: Son of the Morrígan, Celtic goddess of war
Occupation: “Freedom Fighter” (Terrorist)
Divine Abilities:
  • Focus -- Tribal Crow Head tattoo - Stretching across the back of MacBride’s shoulders, this tribal-like tattoo is the focus of MacBride’s powers. Comprised of the twisting lines of most “tribal” tattoos, it forms the shape of a crow’s head with two great wings stretching out across his shoulder blades.
  • The Implacable Man (Limited Invulnerability) - MacBride has been blessed by his divine parent to be unbeatable and unstoppable except in hand-to-hand combat. Often times, however, this manifests as a supernatural sort of luck. A sniper’s shot fails to hit him or gets intercepted. A car-bomb fails to go off. On those instances when these attempts do go off, MacBride has been seen to get back up or walk out unscathed. He can only be injured in melee combat, which is harder than it sounds, since MacBride is aware of this limitation and takes pains to improve himself.
  • // Further details on his Divine Abilities [REDACTED] due to spoilers
Divine Attributes:
  • Terrifying Presence (Presence) - Exactly what it says on the tin; MacBride scares people, even before they find out who he is or know of his reputation. It takes a major effort of will to overcome this ‘aura’ that he exudes. This comes in handy for keeping his followers in line.
  • Raw, Brute Strength (Strength) - Exactly what it says on the tin; MacBride is much stronger than the average person, capable of at least lifting and throwing a small car.
MacBride is a tall, pale Irishman with dark red hair and coal-black eyes. He has a number of tattoos-- some from his time in the IRA, some from prison sentences-- on his body as well. When he can, he almost always carries his shillelagh, a twisted length of wood about the size of a cane, which he also uses to hit people with.

Morgan MacBride is wanted by several law enforcement agencies across the world as a result of his acts of terrorism. He no longer has any connections to the IRA or most of its splinter fringe groups, as his views have shifted from the pro-Irish to the nihilistic and anarchistic.

Not too many details are known about his past before rising to prominence in the Troubles, but among the Divinity, it’s known that he is one of the Morrígan’s most favored children, thus explaining the power with which he has been bestowed. Despite this favor, however, he does not act in accordance with the Divinity’s will, and has been known to court the Titans and their supporters, looking for a way to perpetuate the war.

Flaws: MacBride is a brute, plain and simple. He’s not slow-witted, but he’s not hugely clever. He also relies far too much on his nigh-invulnerability and doesn’t take pains to protect himself over much.
Goal: Unleash never-ending war.
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