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Glad to hear you made it out in one piece, Jester! Wish I coulda been down there to meet up with you and kill some time. Try if you are in search of recommendations for local grub (Deanie's for seafood; consider Rocky & Carlo's out in the East on your way back for down-home blue-collar food. I recommend the macaroni and a steaming hot roast beef po-boy). Glad to hear that your place seems to be more or less intact, as well!

Might wanna just consider simply taping up the fridge with packing tape and tossing it out without even opening it, though, if you can afford a reasonable replacement. I say this from unfortunate experience

Any reports you see or hear telling you that they are, are completely wrong. As much as I enjoy certain news networks, all of them have reported some horrible inaccuracies and falsehoods from the Keys.
The more things change, the more they stay the same. Many news reports for Katrina were the same way, and just as disposable. Not worth yer time listening to. If you want the real lowdown on disaster-area news, hit the websites for the local channels, or look up the area "News radio" (often AM) stations on IHeartRadio, and listen for free.
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