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Quoth Chromatix View Post
Hold on a minute. If Mrs. Brown has a 2-year-old child... surely it's possible that the child is making the noises. And really, you can't prevent a toddler from making noise every once in a while.
I'm not sure Mr Brown would care. However, Mrs Brown has testitified about her nocturnal box moving obsession. I'm pretty sure the company is ignoring Mr Brown completely at this point though. Which leads me to believe that he's mostly just a cranky bastard complaining about any noise.

Quoth MoonCat
Oh please can I have this for a sig? Pretty please with chocolate and wine and cookies on it??
Hey, she said it, not me. By all means. >.>

Quoth hinakiba777
Perhaps I am naive, but I thought nerfing was just a verb used to describe the use of nerf products. Please don't kill my childhood.
But that's what the Internet is for! ( That and porn ).

Quoth Jester
Point of order: He didn't go check on the noise. He sent her, his "so-called girlfriend," to check on the noise. Which means he is not at all suicidal, as he has not placed himself in danger. Which means he is either homicidal and diabolically clever, or a cowardly pansy ass sending her to her death.
I'm going with cowardly pansy ass. Considering it's probably a polar bear. Seeing how it's apparently almost always a polar bear if you hear anything outside up there. -.-

Quoth Jester
I didn't read it like that. He didn't say he was paying for her order. He said he was paying for her. Which I took to mean that she's a prostitute. Which would mean that the phrase "my so-called girlfriend" actually made sense.
Gyah, I didn't even think of that. I highly doubt a village of this size has more than one working girl as well. If she's paid entirely in clothing from our would completely explain why some places call so incredibly often despite having such small populations.....

Quoth Jester
This is just one of many scenarios I've envisioned for some of the boys my nieces have dated. I have a vivid and rather violent imagination, it seems. Or should I say "we"....?
Pfft, that's not violent. It's stylish. Yeah, that's it.....stylish.

Quoth Jester
You know it's probably a good thing I didn't think of that. Because I could have gotten away with weaving it into the actual call one way or another......<cough>.

Fun fact: My manager has standing plans to cut my final shift. Should I ever quit, she's going to make sure she cuts my last shift off the schedule at the last second. To ensure I'm not left to my own devices on my last day at work and have a total brain to mouth shut down for the entire shift. ;p

Quoth UnFetteredSoul
Um.... I thought a Nerf was one of those sponge like footballs? Although they do make the dart guns and sponge darts, I wasn't aware it was a verb. I guess I need to get out more.
A verb with several definations apparently. I was aware of one ( in a gaming context ) but the other was somewhat amusing. >.>

Quoth Becks
Permission to use as a Facebook status? :batting eyelashes:
If you wish. ;p