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Gonna report this to the Geneva Convention ... (long)
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Default Gonna report this to the Geneva Convention ... (long)

As most stores do, we offer rainchecks when we run out of advertised items. When redeeming those, it's usually straightforward for the cashier: type in the sale price, hit the 'alt price' key, scan the item, and then hit the number 2 key (because the system will ask WHY the price was altered and 2 is the 'rain check' explanation).

Then there's rainchecks for meat ...

If it's a package of baloney or bacon -- or any pre-packaged meat -- it's the same process as above.

If it's meat sold by the pound or kilogram and it's more than $100 worth ... hooboy.

I can't even begin to explain the process (because I've never EVER done it and plan to keep that record unsullied) but I do know the first step is ... hunt up a calculator.

Then you have to do the math -- hmm, it was $17.95/kilogram, now it's $7.95 per pound, so what does that translate into per kilogram ...

Then you have a series of arcane codes that you have to type in, including the new price per pound or kilogram or whatever, and ... eventually, the now-several-decades-older customer gets to pack up their meat and stagger off home.

Had a gentleman come through my line yesterday with two giant cuts of meat, definitely more than $100 worth. I asked a shift supervisor to do the checkout and off she went to dig up a calculator.

Meanwhile, the person 'running the line' had sent another customer to my till. I went over and explained what was going on, and said she was welcome to wait, or we would get her to another register if she wished.

She just laughed and said she was in no hurry.

Good thing, that, since, by my rough approximation, it took at least 15 minutes for the shift supervisor to go through the process of checking the (yes, by now mildly irritated) customer out. He was polite enough about it all, but you could tell he was wondering WTF was going on to make a simple transaction this complicated.

I should add that a coworker had come over and said "Just type in the new price and hit 'alt price' and scan the item." Good idea ... except the meat department, for reasons known only to them, had not put any barcodes on the meat.

And the woman behind him was indeed cheerful throughout the whole process. We apologized a couple of times for the delay and she kept assuring us it was no problem. And no, there was no "But suddenly she turned into Cruella deVil" ending to this. We chatted as I rang her through and she left, still cheerful.

Which was more than I could say for myself by that point.


Oh, AND the belt on register #3 malfunctioned AGAIN. This time they brought in a repair guy to fix it during working hours. I walked over and said, "Can we just set it on fire?"

Repair guy: "Fine by me!"
Customer service: More efficient than a Dementor's kiss
~ Mr Hero

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