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If the actual selling price is per kilogram, what's the reason they can't include that on the ad (with either the pound price or the kg price in parentheses) AND on the rain check?
Wellnow ...

I actually picked up a flyer and looked at it ... very closely ... and guess what? The prices ARE on there in both metric and imperial!

However ... the imperial prices ($2.88lb) is in something like 40-point type? 46? 48? And it's usually in stark white on a black background. The metric is in something closer to ...maybe 10-point type. AND it's often in black with a white 'shadow' behind it, which makes it even more fun to read.

Pretty sure I've got a magnifying glass around here somewhere ... apparently I need to start bringing it to work.

Thank you for that question. Between you and EricKei I might actually find my job getting a bit easier in future ...
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