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I Should Be A Pincushion (or Fun with Needles)
Old 10-06-2019, 11:09 PM
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Default I Should Be A Pincushion (or Fun with Needles)

I'm actually starting to feel better . . . I can get some more done around the house and work isn't as physically challenging.

While I didn't get to get to see Dr. Goodneedle while I was off the last week of July (damn car decided to act stupid and had to go into the shop, where it stayed the better part of the week) I did get there in late August.

During that consult, we looked at the pics of both the X-rays that Dr. D had taken in June and the MRI and discussed doing another cortisone shot in the cervical region, since that end of my spine showed the most changes, let's focus on that first and go from there.

I was back two weeks later (on a Friday, as he does all his spinal procedures on that day) for a spinal injection.

Now, 20 yrs ago when I had the first set of injections, they only went by X-rays and that was a HORRIFIC experience - nowadays it's more high tech and I was on a table where I was positioned on top of a wedge of comfy foam and got to rest my head on an equally comfy foam donut (so that my neck could be flat) and the procedure only took a few minutes.

I was already hot from being in a hot back room at work, and the AC didn't feel like it was on, so when the meds hit, I was asking if the AC could be turned down - I felt like a hot flash was coming on!

Got out to the observation area and just kicked back in a chair for about 30 minutes and rested while I watched others coming in and being prepped. Other than a little smarting in between my shoulder blades (where the needle was inserted) I was feeling okay.

Rest of the day after I got home, I had my brother loading the washer and dryer and bringing me the clothes as they were done . . . had to give the meds a chance to get properly worked in and couldn't do a lot of moving my arms around for the weekend.

Two week follow up went pretty well . . . the meds did help and I'm not having the tingling that I had been experiencing . . . I have less tension in my shoulders (first time in several years that they haven't ached) and as of now, I feel like I can move my neck and shoulders a little bit better.

So the decision is that we'll hold off on another cortisone shot for now, but I did get a shot of Toredol in my butt for my lower back pain, as well a a stereoid shot in the other one. If that doesn't work, then we'll do the cortostereoid but for right now, my legs and back are feeling some better.

I'm still on the Releflex and Tizanidine at night - I'm still having leg cramps at night but not as often.

So so far so good.
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Old 10-08-2019, 07:46 AM
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Oh, we have similar issues and I didn't even know that. Yeah, most of my problems are in my C-spine and secondarily my thoracic. I get leg cramps. I've never had cortisone injected but I have had Toradol injections and I have it on hand in pill form for the rare times I need it. Wonderful stuff. I often struggle to get housework done and so it piles up on me.
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