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Hired by accident (long ago)
Old 08-22-2019, 06:12 AM
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Default Hired by accident (long ago)

This all happened decades ago, when I was 17, and is the tale of how I accidentally got the best job I have ever had.

I had started in the workforce at a certain fast food chain where 15% of Americans have their first job. I started in September and by February I had paid my car insurance for the year (which was my only expense at the time), so I cut back my hours. And then in April I quit. They paid 10% above minimum wage.

Fast forward to late July: my girlfriend wants to apply for a job as a shipping clerk at the local college bookstore, and I ... am a licensed driver with a car who likes to spend time with her. I'm her ride.
Because I am bored, I decide to fill out an application too.
(She got the job, although it was several weeks before they decided that.)

While we are still there, someone comes out to talk to me. They have already hired many cashiers who start September 1, but students often come to campus early so they actually need more staff for August. So, ... would I be interested in a job as a cashier for the month of August?
I would.
Um, we wouldn't be able to pay you more than you were making at (fast food chain).
Okay, we open at 11am, so can you be here tomorrow at 10:30?
I can.

So the ink on my application wasn't even dry when I was hired.

What's more, it seems like they actually needed 1 cashier for August, since the only other cashiers were hired before me.

It was actually a great job: work 10:30 to 6, 5 days a week. 30 minutes on the clock for lunch.
Video tape rentals where the employee discount was: if you pick it up after closing and return in before opening it is free.
Employee discounts on EVERYTHING, ranging up to 40% off. I bought every kind of colored pencil they sold, I bought pads of writing paper in pretty colors, I bought pads of graph paper in different scales. (I still have some of those last two 30 years later.) I bought a (landline) phone, I bought furniture.
I believe that every penny I made there I spent there.

And while I was working the register, a friend of my brother's came through my line. He asked if I was a student at the University (I was), he asked my major (I had chosen Journalism as I was parked in Liberal Arts until I could get into Engineering) and it happened he was an Editor of the college paper and he offered me a job.
But that is another story.

Old 08-23-2019, 05:53 PM
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I sort of got hired then rehired by accident - one of my besties worked for ADT/Wells Fargo Security and one day I went in with him to pick up his paycheck, and ended up talking with the manager while waiting, and he liked me and told me to put in an application and immediately go take the piss test, if I passed I could start the next monday. Then after I rage quit [I was being given a write up for being late or calling out 3 times in one month - I refused to drive 50 miles one way to work while having to stop to vomit every few minutes ... I pointed out that for 2 years I had come in to work without missing any time, and even making it in during a snow storm that people living *blocks* away called out during ... so I informed him in writing and at loud vocal volume that they had people not caucasian that called out all the time, missed time when I made it in, and I was being penalized for being pregnant, and that they already *knew* I had an appointment for an abortion [a story in itself...] and I refused to be abused like that when my health was in danger.] I showed up with Matt one 12/31 to pick up his paycheck, just to have Dave apologize to me and ask me to come back, so I ended up working there again for another few years.

And my hubs went to a hiring fair with me, and he randomly applied for the same call centers I did and he got hired ..*snicker* and that is how he ended up working for big red check phone company for the first few years after he got out of the navy =)
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