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You've invited me onto WHAT (and other compliments)
Old 10-25-2019, 09:58 AM
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Default You've invited me onto WHAT (and other compliments)

Even though the bulk of my work is administrative, I have also started doing some data analysis for my team, mainly relating to not only tracking certain things like complications, but also looking deeper into the stats and seeing if there's any patterns. The scope of my role stops in terms of any recommendations - that's my manager's role. I actually really like doing data analysis and my boss wants to get me doing more in future.

Anyhoo, this has resulted in two opportunities:

1) This ties into my main role with coordinating the "Shit Hits The Fan, what have we learned" meetings a bit, but I've been involved in a project to help create dashboards for those committees, so that I'm not having to go and prepare statistics manually, the doctors themselves can view them in real time and it then frees me up a bit. While I don't do any of the actual coding work, I am helping the team who are doing the coding by acting as a liaison between the committees and them and translating the feedback accordingly. This actually is a lot more complex than you expect and not just from the coding end - we need to figure out how to code the procedure types and not everything can be boiled down to a ICD-10 code or a MBS code*.

2) The team handling the coding for the above-mentioned project are also heading up a data governance committee, chaired by the head of IT. For the inaugural meeting, I get sent an invite. Thinking this was just for me to perform my usual role of "prepare agenda, take minutes, send minutes," I go and speak to the chair to see if he wanted my help drafting up a terms of reference or for me to perform other parts of my role. He confirms that he in fact, invited me to be on the committee on a permanent basis as a full member because "your manager mentioned to me that you like data and I think we could use your input." .

(To clarify why this is so important, my role as minute-taker effectively renders me neutral for every single meeting I deal with. I will speak up occasionally if there's something relevant, but otherwise I don't vote and I don't count for quorum. This also means that my minutes are therefore non-biased.)

How to earn respect from doctors and the executive in one easy step:

Tying in a bit with point #1 mentioned above, one of the executives is basically head of clinical governance, so part of that involves looking at the scope of the "Shit hits the fan" committees among other things. He is trying to effectively change the culture a little bit with the meetings so that any cases that are discussed are graded based on severity and the outcome of the discussion is also graded (this also allows for some degree of accountability). As a result of this, I had to change the way that I did the minutes at a recent meeting, guided a little bit by the chairperson for that particular meeting (Committee itself has rotating chairs), so that the grades themselves were also clearly tabled. To that end, it meant having to build on my existing template.

The result of this was shared at a recent executive meeting. They absolutely loved it and have begged me to do more.

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Quoth LadyofArc View Post
... a MBS code*...
*MBS; Medicalese Bull Shit
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Quoth dalesys View Post
*MBS; Medicalese Bull Shit
Oops! :blush:

Basically it's a billing code for Medicare in Australia. Most procedures will have at least one code linked to them, sometimes multiple. There are codes for everything from a visit to the GP through to diagnostic procedures through to the actual surgery itself (and even then, the surgery might have multiple MBS codes). Without going into too much detail, those billing codes basically stipulate how much the government will pay for each procedure - if the HCW (healthcare worker) wants to charge higher than that, they can and the patient will pay the extra cost (aka "Gap").

Because gathering statistics on how many of a specific procedure is done over a time period forms part of the "Shit Hits The fan" meetings, I deal with MBS codes a LOT.
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