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One of those days ...
Old 10-15-2020, 03:42 AM
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Default One of those days ...

1) This was the day of the "Oh I forgot something can I run back and get it??" customer. I had, I dunno, 4? 5? 6? A coworker said she hates that, but IMO it's a great time for me as the cashier to slow down without having anybody gripe about it.

2) One poor customer had no less than THREE defective items. Can't remember the first two, but she went to get her own replacement for one of them, and opted to just not take the second. The third was a large plastic container of plum tomatoes and I was putting them into a bag when I thought "Why the heck do my gloves suddenly feel slippery ..." Yep ... there was a rotting tomato in there. She ran off to get a replacement (yes, WE should do that, but I never know when I can a staff member who's free to do so). IF she ever comes back I hope her next experience is better than this one.

3) Customer who appeared to have her life savings in those brown envelopes banks use to put your cash in. AND she had to dig through half a dozen of 'em to find the money to pay for her groceries ... $5 out of one ... $20 out of another ... finds a third, nope not that one ... a fourth, nope not that one ... Lady, please, if you're going to "manager" your money like this, at least colour-code the envelopes!

A coworker commented that it sounded as if said customer had some memory (or other mental) issues. Could very well be ...
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