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I once said to my manager "I don't mind working a double, it's the being two people for one hour that I can't do".

See, our schedules ran Friday to Thursday. The manager had a habit of posting the new schedule when he arrived on Thursday morning. He also had a habit of doing the schedule at home (where he didn't have access to the current schedule).

I was available for any shift, but almost always worked overnight.

The shifts were oddly staggered: second shift was 2pm to 10pm, but of the two people working overnight one worked 10 to 6 and the other 11 to 7. And of the two morning people, one worked 6 to 2 and one worked 7 to 3. That last was the manager's preferred shift.

So, when I worked 10 to 6 on Wednesday, I left before the manager arrived and posted the schedule.
And when I came in to work my 11 to 7 on Thursday, I found I was also scheduled to work 6 to 2 on Friday.

"Why didn't you call me?"
"What were you going to do about it at 11pm Thursday night?"
(The 10-6 guy worked a 10-7 so we had two people.)
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