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I made a thing!
Old 02-10-2020, 02:11 AM
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Default I made a thing!

For anyone in academia, you will no doubt be familiar with conferences and presenting posters at these on whatever project you are working on.

Well, my boss and I have been doing some work on a project across Hospital of Awesome lately and it's now time for him to present his findings as part of the course he's doing. The presentation involved a slideshow and a poster. While we got sent the template for the poster, it turns out that my boss struggled with it, so guess who got the job?

What made it better was that when he discussed it with *his* boss (our Director of Nursing), she actually recommended me out of the gate.

The end result was actually quite good, to the point where my boss and the director gave me a voucher for a free coffee and flowers.

Old 02-10-2020, 03:33 AM
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Not only a thing, but an awesome thing that was very well-received by the people who know the subject the best! Congrats!!
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Old 02-10-2020, 06:21 AM
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And not only that, a THING comes up, and is important, and those who KNOW, call up one LoA. When a thing has to be done, right, you call up the pros.
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