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Donated money to a Coworker's cause
Old 03-11-2018, 03:25 AM
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Default Donated money to a Coworker's cause

Both cab companies in my town were kaput on the day I finally decided to do a big shop.

It was late and my coworker did not have to give me a ride at the last second but she did. And I offered her the money I would have paid the cab driver and she just said, "IF you really want to, I'm having a bake sale to raise money for Nature in the Classroom."

It's this thing a lot of the local schools are doing where they try to take the kids on more nature oriented field trips.

The cupcakes were 75 Cents each but I don't really have an appetite for any baked goods these days. So I just donated twelve bucks and left it at that.
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