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All Praise Me!
Old 04-12-2018, 10:38 PM
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In a random act of randomness I had two very good customer experiences. One woman I helped make a canvas of her and her husband from their high school days, long, long ago. And the other one was a guy that I called because he order had trouble being sent in from our app and it finally came over. The first woman commented that I had helped her before and was very grateful for my help last night. Now like many companies ours has surveys where only 9's count. I asked her to fill one out because my photo department barely sees any love and I've been on a push to get some attention. If I got it I got it but at least I asked.

Fast forward to this morning our DM was in the store for his weekly powpow with the store manager. Guy I called last night to pick up his pictures and was just so grateful that I called. There was also a problem with the cropping on one and I tried to fix it but couldn't. This is where the stars definitely aligned in my favor, the managers are on the floor talking about something and the guy goes over to them to sing my praises. They come over to tell me good job. I get all humble and just say thank you. Then I mention the other woman from last night.

Fast forward again and I get called to the office. The woman with the canvas left a voice mail also singing my praises. She said I deserved to be applauded for my work. And I was. We have a few employees that always seem to get praise and I'm rarely one. I do my job without too much interference so sometimes my good work gets lost. Something like this will probably never happen to me again. Not the good reports from customers, two on the same day at the same time the DM is in the store.

I will say this...I better fucking get employee of the month for this! It's way overdue! But if I do I will still remain my humble and modest self and continue doing the work put before me by my corporate overlords.
I would have a nice day, but I have other things to do.
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