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Sucky Liquidation Memoirs
Old 09-14-2020, 06:28 AM
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Default Sucky Liquidation Memoirs

So as many of you probably know, Wharf Uno is essentially out of business but stores are in the throes of death. My store has another 10 (?) days to go but this was my last shift. It's been awkward and frustrating:

1. Me getting stressed out between store closing, working 2 jobs 7 days, having my mom temporarily move into my little apartment, Covid, and dealing with main job stress--so much so that I had to go home from Wharf Uno the other day. They knew it was a bad day and got my shift covered. Honestly my frustration probably would've gotten me written up were the company not going out of business. Not proud of that and it's my fault I didn't quit weeks ago. Not worth the money.

2. Watching a regular customer pile up nearly $1,000 worth of home decor which at full price would've easily been at least $3,000. I watched her do it with a chin strap she may as well have taken off, and standing 2 feet from my coworker. Ah, well; coworker's nose is always out anyway. It's just frustrating to be working 2 jobs to pay off debt and hear someone say glibly "I couldn't work here," meaning she'd spend too much money as she spends half my monthly net income in one go.

3. Coworkers trying to keep everything company brand until the end when the company, by doing things as it had for years, ran it into the ground so that bankruptcy had to happen. That added to the stress referenced in #1. Now that the floor is half empty and largely what remains is third party merchandise, they might finally get the gravity of the situation, and the futility of trying to be a company that doesn't exist now that it's owned by the liquidation firm.

4. Customers trying to return damaged stuff when there are signs everywhere saying All Sales Final and it's printed on the receipt and we stamp it on the receipt. "But even though it's damaged?" What are we gonna do with it even if we could take it back? Do you not see the feet and feet of empty floor and the shelves with nothing on them? Look around you.

5. People getting pissy that they can't use gift cards when we stopped that in early July. OK, I understand their point of view; I really do. I don't even fully understand why. But when we tell you it's a) a court order we can't break and b) even if we wanted to violate the court order--fat chance--we literally, physically couldn't. They removed the scanning option from the software altogether.

6. Furniture, of course, being a hot item and people coming by themselves to get large pieces. No, they didn't know that we were no longer allowed to load furniture, and that's why I said we should ask when they were about to purchase if they were able to take it themselves. Coworkers got irritated at that suggestion. Yes, Mary, I know you are physically able, but we were told specifically not to so that we won't hurt ourselves. There will be no company to deal with a workers' comp. claim. Well, it could be handled, but would be problematic. Why risk it?

7. The sheer crush of people at opening every day. We have been limiting the # of people in store due to Covid so right away there is a line outside when we open. I was walking into that discouraging situation every Saturday. No one needs this stuff, not really. Yesterday it was especially busy and my coworker got called the B word four times, just for trying to protect customers and staff. I guess they needed their pillows and candles really bad. Some kind of withdrawl.

8. Customers asking what was I going to do after the store closed and giving me the pity face. I don't know why it annoys me but it does, that they think somehow I can survive on $10 an hour and that my whole life will fall down a hole because some company closes. I don't need pity; this could not have come at a better time. I was hitting the wall on working 7 days a week. I'm needing the weekends to prepare to move because I've been in this apt. for 10 years or so and I haven't had time to go through stuff. There's a pandemic still and right now I don't want to work outside the home anyway. Plus, we're going into a holiday season and I don't need that stress. Frankly I'm totally pleased to lose this job.
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Old 09-14-2020, 07:12 PM
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That sounds like a more problematic wharf than what they have at Amity. It's probably a good thing it's closing down. Bet those corporate dumbbunnies haven't learned a thing, though.
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Old 09-14-2020, 07:23 PM
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Quoth Food Lady View Post
8. Customers asking what was I going to do after the store closed and giving me the pity face.
That's an easy one: Rejoice!
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Old 09-15-2020, 03:45 AM
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More immediately, rest.
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